The Design Experience

3D models help you visualize how your space will look with different finish options. This allows you to make real time changes to your finishes package before it becomes costly, saving you time and money. Our 3d renderings are not only great for our clients, they are also great for communication between the construction team members. One rendering can save everyone countless phone calls for clarification during construction as they provide visual answers to questions even before they arise. Additionally, we have an add on service that provides a virtual 3D walkthrough experience of future home on your lot before we break ground. Below, you will see an example of what our design team is able to do. This is the same bathroom with several different design and finish options.

The Build Experience

The use of our 3D documentation can provide you with invaluable information.  Shooting images before drywall begins allows you an accurate visual documentation of where wires, pipes, ductwork and framing are.  This unparalleled information can be useful for a number of future needs.  It can also be useful for enhanced remote correspondence, photo review and for sharing accurate information with our clients and trades.  Plus, 3D photos of your finished home are fun to share with friends and family and can also be beneficial for potential resale.

24/7 Virtual Access

We know how exciting it is to watch your home change daily during construction. As an add on and where internet is available, we offer our out of town and busy clients a access to a streaming webcam so you can see your home every step of the way. Our onsite webcams can give you a real time look at your home, 24/7. Once construction is complete, we are able to create a time lapse showing how your new home came to be.