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5 Things Every Mountain House Needs

Having a house in the mountains is one of the most unique experiences. You get the chance to surround yourself in nature, hike in your backyard, and get the best snowfall you’ve ever seen, among many other things. You have your dream location, and now it is time to build the perfect house to accompany it.

The best part about building a custom house is that you get to customize everything that goes into it! From the trim to the cabinetry, all of the design choices are yours, which makes custom home building such a personal experience. When you build a custom mountain home in Colorado, there are a few things that are a must for the classic mountain house design style, and each can be adapted to your personal style and feel of your home

1. Fireplace

Having a fireplace as the centerpiece of your custom mountain home is an essential. Whether you choose to have a floor-to-ceiling fireplace covered in stone, or want a double-sided, glass-encased one, nothing compares to the feeling of cozying up to a flame when the sun goes down behind the valleys. A fireplace makes a statement in your house, and becomes a place that the entire family can gather around.

2. Windows: Lots of windows

When you live in a place that is surrounded by trees, hills, rocks, wildlife, streams, and more, you want to be able to experience it to the fullest, inside and outside of your house. That’s why we recommend plenty of windows in your custom mountain house, so that you can appreciate the beautiful view that drew you to your property in the first place. Some homeowners will even trim trees around their property to keep their view as beautiful as possible.

3. Wrap-around deck

Something else we love about mountain homes is the 360 degree beauty. Custom decks and patios are a part of almost every home, but a wrap-around deck is the next step that makes a home unique. Having a deck that you can walk from the front of your house to the back of it gives you an opportunity to live among the nature and get to experience it from all angles. This makes a great hosting space, gives you room for a hot tub or custom porch swings, and gives you another reason to go outside

4. Vaulted Ceilings

While this is not a necessity, it is always such a great feeling to walk into a room that has endless ceiling space. To have vaulted ceilings accentuated with a few wood exposed beams is such a neat feature that makes a mountain home feel that much more rustic and unique. Vaulted ceilings also mean more window space, as well, so you can truly create a dramatic effect in your living area that highlights the mountainous location.

5. Mudroom

Having a custom mudroom may seem like a silly expansion, but it truly is great for Colorado mountain homes. Mudrooms allow you the perfect, functional space to kick off those muddy boots, hang your snow covered jackets, and warm up your toes before walking in to the rest of your home. You can make this extra unique by having custom built-ins for storage and installing heated flooring.

The possibilities are endless when you build a custom home. Especially if your dream is to live in the mountains, there are so many things that you can incorporate into your house to make it the perfect habitat for enjoying the environment around you. Colarelli Custom Homes is an experienced custom mountain home builder, located in Colorado Springs. If you want to start your custom home building process, contact us today.

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