The things that inspire you are important to us. We personalize the home-building process.

Custom creation is possible with our vast resources. Our architects, engineers, and designers as well as our trade partners are experienced and knowledgeable in how to best build in Colorado.

To begin a custom building process with us, clients choose to:

  • Begin with a one-of-a-kind floor plan that is completely a start-from-scratch process. We work with our clients to build their perfect home.

  • Pick from our Floor Plans to use as inspiration or as a complete guide to craft their perfect custom home. We aim to give our clients flexibility in the building process to ensure the best custom home building experience.

How It Works

Our hands-on approach and frequent communications allows us to be interactive with our clients throughout every step of the custom home building process. Our experience together, step-by-step, allows us to design and build with value, quality, and style so we can create a home intentionally designed to align with your wants and needs. From floor plans to interior designs to construction, we provide transparent information including open book construction costs to help you make informed decisions along the way.

01 | We Meet At Our PlaceĀ 

At Colarelli Custom Homes, our first step is to learn about our clients. Our initial meeting either in person or over a zoom call for those who aren’t local lays the groundwork for your custom home journey. We learn about your lifestyle, needs and budget so we can blend our industry knowledge and resources with everything we learned about you. These details include your vision for your new home, the location, and preliminary design concepts. Also, we can discuss your ideal budget for your new custom home.

Site Assessment

Our initial meeting includes a site assessment if needed. Our experienced team at Colarelli Custom Homes is familiar with Colorado’s diverse landscapes. We explain the opportunities your land has, as well as identify potential challenges early in the process. The land you choose will guide the remainder of the building process, especially through home design and cost. This assessment will leave you with substantial information to use for making decisions about your new custom home.

02 | We Plan Together

Next, the substantial amount of work between you, our builders, and our designers is crafted into one plan. We go into great detail to identify every piece of your home and that is developed in the Limited Scope Agreement. This agreement is required to develop the information needed to ultimately generate a contract to build and includes items such as:

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Evaluation
  • Material and Equipment Specifications and Selections
  • Budget Forecasts
  • Preliminary Schedule

03 | We Build Memories

Contract to Build
With your vision and our process on paper, after a thorough review with you, the office and field staff to ensure everyone has a complete understanding of your home, the building begins! With our cloud-based communications system, you can view our progress on your custom home from anywhere at any time. In this step, Colarelli Custom Homes collects a deposit and obtains necessary permits to move forward with the actual construction of your custom home. All the little details start coming together for your home!

Constructing Your Custom Home
All the time spent planning and decision-making comes to life with the actual construction of your custom home! This is the most exciting part of our process as final decisions are made, the walls go up, the roof goes on, and our clients’ visions are revealed into a statement home. We will meet during regular on-site visits to ensure our building process is the best it can be. Because the length of construction varies with each home, we provide detailed scheduling and updates.

To ensure your experience with Colarelli Custom Homes is the best, we schedule additional reviews at 6 months and 18 months to proactively make your custom home the perfect home. We have great confidence in our workmanship, so where the industry standard is a 12 month review, we are comfortable extending to an 18 month review.