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Determining the Square Footage for Your Custom Home

Building a custom home to your specifications and with the exact amount of space that is needed can sound too lofty for some. However, with time and an outstanding home builder, your dream can become a reality quicker than you might imagine. The most important question to ask in the initial planning phase is, how much square footage I will need?

Considering the rise in the size of the average American home within the last 20 years, it is easy to assume that as much square footage as possible is best for the resale value of your home if you eventually decide to sell. But before you start looking into a sprawling floor plan with multiple bedrooms and a massive kitchen, there are a few major questions to consider.

What kind of activities does your family primarily use your current home for?

In your current home, there surely are features and spaces you can point to and explain exactly how you would change the space to make it more functional. These tweaks you have compiled from time spent in your current home are important to consider when drawing up the floor plan for your new custom home. If you enjoy the outdoors with cookouts and backyard games then maybe the focus should be on minimizing the square footage indoors so you can maximize outdoor space with a deck or patio. Perhaps you lead a busy life and the house is more of a tranquil place to relax, sleep and recharge between family events, jobs and school. If this is the case, you may think about increasing the size of community spaces like the living room. All of these factors will play into designing the perfect custom home.

How many bedrooms will you need?

This is a loaded question, but determining how many bedrooms you will need is one of the most important factors in nailing down a floor plan for your custom home. If your children are still growing or you plan on having more, then a versatile floor plan with multiple bedrooms that allows for plenty of individual space would be best suited. Also think about the flexibility of a room in the future: what is a nursery now could very well become an office or a creative space later. If you are an empty-nester but you love to fill your home with relatives and guests, having one or two bedrooms with private bathrooms in addition to the master is ideal.

Do you have a truly unique feature or space in mind?

If you have opted to go completely custom with your new home and design it from foundation to shingles, you have control over the unique aspects the home will have. Have you ever had one dream feature on your mind that has you saying things like, “If we ever design our own home, it has to have this!”? Each element will effect the square footage and architectural design of the new home; so look no further than Colarelli Custom Homes to walk with you every step of the way and make that vision a reality. Contact us today to start building your custom floor plan!

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