Build Through Inspiration

Our floor plans were designed with our clients in mind. Within them, we have captured the essence of Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, Mountain or Classic design for our clients to use in its entirety, or to build on with their own vision. Having a starting point can help take the edge off the overwhelming first steps in developing your dream home.


Contemporary | The Sullivan 2386

With a focus on high functionality, the Contemporary floor plan emphasizes space throughout your custom home.

Starting with an open floor plan, our Contemporary design includes features such as neutral foundation pieces, unobtrusive and focused illumination, and uncluttered and minimalistic spaces that often utilize organic accents. Large glass panel windows are showcased with no window coverings to create dramatic, geometric shadows. This home design revolves around simplicity with versatility and spontaneity. Rather than putting a focus on things, Contemporary aesthetically focuses on the spaces of your home.

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Modern Farmhouse |The Franklin 2351

A contemporary take on the rustic style, Modern Farmhouse celebrates historic design while featuring a modern personality and charm.

Our Modern Farmhouse design is the crossroads of contemporary and country featuring cozy interiors with layers, pattern and contrasting colors to neutral backgrounds. Natural finishes such as untreated, raw woods, exposed brickwork, leathers, tiles with a patina, lime washed timber and shiplap celebrates historic while giving contemporary lifestyle elements. Exposed rafters are often used to make the most out of the height of the space. A fairly strict color pallet is used to balance eclectic and rustic with personality contemporary charm.

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Mountain | The Jackson 2386

Featuring a variety of design features, the Mountain floor plan combines local materials with a cozy and comfortable way of living to provide endless flexibility.

Starting with the unique shape of the structure, Mountain style can take on a boxy, single ridge, low pitch or A-Frame roof line with large windows and doors. Design elements often include local material such as native cut timber and locally quarried stone as well as timber accents and stone veneers. A pleasing neutral color palette is used to compliment the natural wood and stone materials and steel accents. Low maintenance landscaping including native trees, grasses and shrubs are used to intertwine the design and the environment the custom home thrives in.

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Classic | The Haywood 3080

With the perfect combination of elegance and artistry, our Classic floor plan features elements like articulated windows and coffered ceilings.

The Classic floor plan emphasizes symmetry and a conservative color palette. Classic patterns ranging from simple solids, stripes and plaids to florals are used to enhance texture and finishes. Articulated windows and doors offer elegance and artistry. Classic designs are rich in accessories and feature accent trims and casings. Coffered ceilings tie the design together to offer a sophisticated look.

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