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Technology for the Home. Part Two

Wireless Home Security

Security has always been high on a homeowners list however technology is changing the accessibility and ease of installation. Wireless home security systems can use a secure cellular connection that is faster and more reliable than traditional systems. This enables real-time monitoring and alerts from your home on your smart phone and other devices.

Cellular connection allows for a much easier installation process. If you need to add new sensors, there is no need to run wires through your home. In addition, because the security system is wireless, troubleshooting can be made simpler with customer support from your service provider’s customer support center.

Because there is little to no wiring throughout the home, these types of security systems are very flexible and versatile. You are able to move and add sensors throughout your home to keep track of and protect all areas and unique additions to your home, with real time alerts that help you keep track of what is happening when you are away. Door and window sensors are manufactured small enough to keep tabs on medicine cabinets, pool gates, or even to make sure a safe is not accessed without your immediate knowledge. This increases awareness of what goes on inside your home, not just the perimeter.

Wireless home security is portable, flexible and adapts to you. As your family grows and changes, your home security needs may change too. You may want to add extra sensors to the kitchen cabinets as your children become more mobile, or add a sensor to the nursery door of a new nursery. You can also add smart locks to your system that can allow your pet sitter to come and go while you are on vacation. No matter how your needs change, the technology will be right there with you to help keep your home and those in it safe.

Security Cameras

Pairing perfectly with wireless home security, security cameras are another hot ticket item for home owners. They give you to ability to monitor the interior and/or exterior of your home; the biggest pro of these types of systems. Monitoring the outside of your home gives you an opportunity to track package deliveries, possible theft, and any potential threats that may present themselves. Young or elderly family members that are home alone or with a caretaker, naughty pets, or valuable personal possessions are great motivators to monitor the interior of your home.

With such a wide variety of venders and options, security cameras are becoming easier to obtain for a variety of home owners. Their ease of install keeps prices down by not requiring professionals to come to your home to set up the system. Add ons such as wireless, remote monitoring straight to a smart phone, or a higher definition camera can increase the price, but are options to some systems rather than requirements.

Visible home security cameras can act as a deterrent to potential burglars. Burglars are less likely to choose a home with a monitoring system that could identify them to the police. For this reason, many insurance companies offer a discount to your policy if your home is equipped with a security camera system.

The unexpected unfortunately can happen. Even if you are living in a low crime area, your home has valuable items and irreplaceable people residing in it. Having a home security camera is a great way to gain peace of mind and to help ensure if something does happen, you will be prepared.

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